Buffalo's Feminist Theater company

Brazen-Faced Varlets


The below Code of Conduct applies to all those present at rehearsals, performances, and meetings.

As members and guests of the Brazen-Faced Varlets, we agree to:

  1. Take turns speaking and do not interrupt each other. 

  2. Remain focused on the subject at hand and not get distracted. If another topic comes up, we will bookmark that topic so it may be discussed later. 

  3. Be respectful. We will not demean, belittle, blame, attack each other, or engage in put-downs. 

  4. Ask questions of each other to gain clarity and understanding. 

  5. Express our personal needs and the outcomes we wish to realize. 

  6. Listen respectfully and sincerely to understand each others’ needs. 

  7. Refrain from making assumptions about each others’ motives. 

  8. Recognize that even if we disagree with another person’s perspective, everyone is entitled to their own perspective. 

  9. Focus on the future we want to create. We will not dwell on the past. 

  10. Refrain from unproductive arguing, venting, and defensiveness. 

  11. Work together to reach the fairest and most creative agreement possible. 

  12. Speak up if something is not working during mediation or if the mediator is not impartial.