Lara D. Haberberger & Heather Fangsrud

Brazen-Faced Varlets Co-Founders

Photo Credit: Rachael Buchanan

OUR MISSION is to produce consequential works with strong artistic integrity while being committed to promoting the growth of female and gender-minority theater artists.  We seek to break out of the traditional and stereotypical gender roles onstage and behind the scenes.  Our work is for everybody; we strive to challenge, provoke, and delight our audiences.

Brazen-Faced Varlets

Buffalo's Feminist Theater company


  • To provide women and other marginalized genders with compelling roles.
  • To reimagine the theatrical canon in a way that allows women to portray iconic roles.
  • To produce at least one show per season written by a woman. 
  • To allow artists to grow and develop their theatrical talents.
  • To produce work that focuses on political and social issues that affect women and other marginalized genders.
  • To raise awareness and funds for services aiding women and other marginalized genders. 
  • To offer pay-what-you-can nights and participate in the Arts Access ASI Program to assist patrons with transportation and ticket affordability. 


We strive to create safety in all rehearsals and productions.

Review our official Code of Conduct.