Rachel Fangsrud

Company Manager

Stefanie Warnick

Artistic director 

Ellen C. Falank

Marketing Manager

our team today

Brazen-Faced Varlets

Heather Fangsrud

Technical director 

how we started

Leyla Gentil-Rosado

production manager

Photo Credit: Rachael Buchanan

Lara D. Haberberger

Executive Director

Buffalo's Feminist Theater company

In 2004, Heather Fangsrud and Lara D. Haberberger were living in the Baltimore/DC area.  Lara had recently completed her MFA in directing from the Catholic University of America, while Heather was working with several Baltimore theaters.  While they gained tremendous artistic experience, they wanted a change of scenery. They were looking for a new home in a city with a thriving theater community.  

They had met members of the Buffalo United Artists, BUA, during the Gay and Lesbian Theater Festival in Columbus, OH. BUA brought their production of Confessions to the festival and Lara and Heather were so impressed, they decided to move to Buffalo, NY.

In 2006, they participated in the 2nd Annual Buffalo Infringement Festival with Shawn Northrip's Ramona and Juliet, a bawdy retelling of the Shakespeare's tragic love story.  Audiences loved the show and the Brazen-Faced Varlets were born. 

We have made it our mission to create a supportive atmosphere for female theater artists.  We want provide opportunities for women to express themselves and grow in a nurturing environment. Viva les Varlets!