Rosa Fernandez in Ophelia Thinks Harder

"Among the highlights of every theater season are the pastiches of Shakespeare conceived and performed by the Brazen-Faced Varlets." The Public

Katie White and Heather Fangsrud in

My Sister in this House

Past Seasons

Brazen-Faced Varlets

Kerry Alsheimer and Mike Beiter in

Way Wicked Women

Heather Fangsrud in

The Last Reading of Charlotte Cushman

Priscilla Young-Anker and Heather Fangsrud in

'night Mother

Amy Gore and Brittany Germano in

Nevermore: An ExPOEration

2018 - 2019
Knock Knock, Jesus Calling by Heather Fangsrud (workshop production)
The Taming by Lauren Gunderson
The Secretary by Kyle John Schmidt

2017 -2018
Shakespeare's La Pucelle * by the Brazen-Faced Varlets
Desdemona: a Play about a Handkerchief by Paula Vogel
We Have Issues: part of the Women's Voices Theater Festival
'night Mother by Marsha Norman

2016 -2017
by the Brazen-Faced Varlets
A Midsummer Dykes' Dream
by Shawn P. Northrip
Mary & Myra
by Catherine Filloux

2015 - 2016
​The Man Who Laughed Loudest: A Memorial Piece featuring the work of Michael O'Donohoe
​The Last Reading of Charlotte Cushman
by Carolyn Gage
Why We Have a Body
by Claire Chafee

2014 - 2015
12 Angry Women
by Reginald Rose
Ophelia Thinks Harder
by Joan Betts
Hopeless Cases*
by the Brazen-Faced Varlets
Beautiful Bodies
by Laura Shaine Cunningham

2013 - 2014
Some Wicked Women*
by the Brazen-Faced Varlets
Agnes of God
by John Pielmeier
Foobs and Fibbles: the Breast Monologues*
by Robin Rice
The Anastasia Trials in the Court of Women by
Carolyn Gage

2012 - 2013
Way Wicked Women*
by the Brazen-Faced Varlets
Radio TBS
byMark Landon Smith
Words of Choice II*
by Cindy Cooper
Oedipus: Fate, Folks, and Fabulousness*
by Michael O'Donohoe

2011 - 2012
Ladykillers* by the Brazen-Faced Varlets
Words of Choice by Cindy Cooper
God of Vengeance by Sholem Asch
Ramona and Juliet by Shawn Northrip
2010 - 2011
Not Another Dyke Drama* by Michael O'Donohoe
Nevermore: an ExPOEration* by Edgar Allan Poe
Electra: Screw You, Mom!* by Michael O'Donohoe
Comedy of Queerers* by Shawn Northrip

2009 - 2010
Vessels by Kim Yaged      

2008 - 2009
My Sister in this House by Wendy Kesselman

2007 - 2008
Midsummer Dykes' Dream* by Shawn Northrip
Memory, Rant, and a Monologue by Eve Ensler et al
2006 - 2007
Ramona & Juliet* by Shawn Northrip
Dos Lesbos by Terry Baum

* Denotes a World Premiere Production